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        Laizhou WONTIDE Precision Casting The enterprise has uptodate factory building with the occupation area of over 30, 000m2; the physical and chemical laboratory and physical & chemical laboratory not only have advanced production facilities and equipment in the industry, but also have complete sophisticated testing equipment in the industry: spectrum analyzer, metalloscope, tension tester, low temperature impact testing machine, X-ray detection apparatus, ultrasonic flaw detector, trilinear coordinates measuring instrument, etc. The abovementioned equipment can completely ensure that high-precision end casting products may be provided to customers, and can meet customers’ all-around test requirements for materials (physical and chemical properties, nondestructive test, high-accuracy physical dimension measurement, etc.).

        The products produced by the company have wide applications, almost covering the applicable fields of the whole equipment manufacture industry and machinery manufacture and processing industry (railway, engineering machinery, automobile & truck, ship, mining machinery, petroleum machinery, agricultural machinery, architecture, pump & valve, electromechanical, hardware, etc. The annual production capacity reaches more than 3, 000 t and there are more than 300 product types. With the superiority in independent import and export rights of the company, the products are sold to such countries as Japan, Germany, USA, Great Britain, etc.

        The enterprise has gotten rid of the traditional concept of only providing rough and created the new product idea focused on providing solutions, final casting products and customer service. The core competitiveness of the company’s products is based on improving the additional value as possible, aiming at realizing high quality and entering the high-end market. Besides domestic market, the company has been continually exploiting foreign customers, so as to make the products sold to foreign countries and lead the industry progress.

        Following the tenet of satisfying customers, the company firstly established the quality system according to ISO9000 international standards in this industry. In addition, the company will always insist on the idea of “people oriented, elaborate manufacture, innovation, high quality” and provide customers with first-class products and service, trying to create the famous brand in private enterprises.


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