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Process Design   Tooling Making   Wax Injection   Wax PattenAssembly   Dipping  
Design the tooling according to customs’ drawing or sample, set up the pouring system with CAE casting simulation software.   Transfer the drawing or sample into 3D drawing which is applied to aluminum or steel mould fabrication.    Mix liquid wax slurry and solid wax together, inject wax into metal mould, fetch it out after cooling.   Heat the stainless steel welding knife, weld the wax molds together on the gate stick according to technically designed.   The wax molds are dipped into waterglass solution, with surface coated by the solution.  
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 Stuccoing   Wax Removal    Mold Preheat     Casting   Mold Shake Out   
Stucco the dipped wax molds with quartz sand, then dip into induration solution containing ammonium chloride & magnesium chloride and hang to dry. The whole process repeats 6 times.   Put the thick coated wax molds into wax removal gutter, keep heating. After lost all the wax only sand shell was left.   Heat the sand shell in order to strengthen the shell.    Put the raw material into the induction furnace and melt, add with chemical composition per material spec. After the temperature of molten steel rises to about 1600 degrees, take a pre-pouring chemical analysis, if approved then pour liquid steel into the sand shell by ladle, make sure the shell is filled with liquid steel and then cool off, meanwhile take the testing bar for after-pouring analysis.   Make the casting free from sand by shaking   
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Work Piece Cut-Off   Grinding    Heat Treatment   Machining   Final inspection  
Oxyacetylene cut off the castings from gate stick.   Grind the ingate and defected surface with grinding wheel   Heat treat the casting by nomalizing, annealing, quench+tempering, induction quenching, case hardening and Nitriding per material spec.    Machine the castings by CNC according to drawing spec.   Test the parts’ mechanical properties by tension tester, impact tester, hardness tester, take NDT with X-ray, UT and M.P.T, final dimension inspection are down by CMM, Measures & Gauges, etc.  
Pack & Transport

After rust prevention, pack the parts into plywood or iron case for transportation.
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